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'Twas Back Day😏💥👊 Great start to the week, I'd say. My body was shaking so hard just trying to take this picture. And if you could see my face 😁😖😬 it was a mix between those. Now just drinking my protein mixed with coffee☕️

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Timehop once again showing me some arm progress. 😏 sometimes I see old photos and I think, “I was skinnier then..” But I was that “skinny fat” version. Very soft since I went from very over weight to dropping a lot of fat so I wasn’t too toned. Then last year I fell in love with weights and flexing selfies. 💕💪😜

Somebody tell me how I made it through today alive?!? SLAM is the answer. But honestly I’m surprised that even worked. I’m also surprised I didn’t pull out all my hair or binge eat on chocolate while sobbing and watching the notebook, “what do you mean everything’s fine?” A hug from Ryan is needed. That’s what’s up. 😩 anyway………lalalala